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Our vast array of produce at local farmers markets

The Secret is in the Soil

Pumpkin Patch Canceled for Sat. 10/28

Sunday, 10/29 Canceled

The Braune Family
Find Our Produce at 4 locations every week.
Visit a real pumpkin patch this fall!

Our farm is our home with a long history of growing local, fresh produce. 

We sell our produce in 3 different locations throughout the week. We also offer subscription veggie bags and online orders delivered right to your door.

Visit our farm every fall to pick a pumpkin

in a REAL pumpkin patch!



"We love to come to the pumpkin patch every year. My son has been since he was a baby and it's always fun to bring him. We also love all the great produce from the farmers markets. Great farm with great people working hard every day!!"

-Amber B.

"Love fresh produce! I have been able get enough cucumbers to pickle. Got lots of fresh okra to give to my family and put some in the freezer. Trying my hand at drying some okra, too. Yum! Thankful for this farm!"

-Deborah R.



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