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The Braune Family


Julie and Jeffrey Braune
Our kids helping plant.

Welcome to Braune farms!  We are Jeffrey and Julie Braune and along with our 4 children, we have a farm on 50 acres in the rich blackland soil of Geronimo, Tx, about 4 miles from Seguin at 1300 Link Rd., Seguin, Tx 78155We have been raising produce for about 12 years.  Jeffrey is a 5th generation farmer who comes from a farming and ranching family.  Working on the land runs in his blood.  Julie comes from an agriculture background as well.  Her father was an Agriculture teacher and she too was raised to appreciate farming and ranching. 

We are very proud of the soil we grow in because we feel that the high mineral content of our soil gives our produce exceptional flavor.  We are not certified organic, but we follow sustainable farming practices on our farm.  We farm on about 30 acres of land and use some of the latest farming techniques available to make us more efficient.  The farm is run by our family so we work as smart and efficiently as possible to offer the highest quality produce at the fairest price.

Harvesting tomatoes

When we first started growing vegetables it was just enough to feed the family.  Our little 100’ x 100’ garden has expanded into about 30 acres of land cultivated for produce.  Our children are very active in the farming process doing everything from planting to picking. When you purchase from Braune Farms, you are truly supporting a small family farm and helping to give us the opportunity to continue a long farming tradition. 

One of the many crops we grow are pumpkins. In 2013, we realized there were very few pumpkin patches in our area that actually grew their own pumpkins. We wanted to offer a unique experience to south Texas and so the Braune Farms Pumpkin Patch was born.  We love to welcome visitors during the fall to find a pumpkin in our patch and enjoy many other activities available at Braune Farms! 

Find the perfect pumpkin in a real pumpki patch
Pumpkin Patch Volunteers


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